Sunday, 18 June 2017

Teaching Cross Stitch at The Village Haberdashery!

I am so super excited to be teaching at The Village Haberdashery next month!

Photography by @vhaberdashery
Cross Stitch for Beginners is a brand new class designed for complete beginners and those who need a refresher.

Working with the lovely Mini Cross Stitch kits from The Make Arcade, you will learn all the cross stitch basics from tools to techniques, working with embroidery floss and the various types of cross stitch fabric.

Photography by The Make Arcade
We will also talk about how to finish your work in differnt ways so you can then give these as gifts or dispay them at home. I will also demo some of these methods for you.

All materials are included and you will leave with a started mini cross stitch kit to finish at home and the confidence to work on bigger projects.

The next class date is 19 July. Book your place here!

Photography by The Make Arcade

Look forward to seeing you!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Thicket Critters!

A while back The Village Haberdashery posted my tutorial to make one of these super cute cushions from Gingiber's (Stacie Bloomfield) Thicket collection and you can read all about it here.

Thanks to Annie for this fab picture!

This collection was just too sweet not to stitch up some more makes so I got myself some more panels and got sewing!

Using the mini panel bear and rabbit this time I made two soft baby rattles. The shapes are worked in the same way as the larger pillows but this time I added in a rattle disk from Odds & Soxlets to add some extra fun! 

More Thicket makes coming soon!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Handmade Gifts By Kym Valentine's Day 2017

Valentine's Day is fast approaching folks and we have some brand new items at Handmade Gifts By Kym to make your gift shopping a breeze!


First up are these super cute spray painted cards which are made with stencils. A big thanks to the guys at The London Art Shop for their advice on which spray paint to use!

We have the choice of pink or blue and love hearts or love cats...

Or if you are looking for a more natural looking card for your loved one this year there are these beautiful little wooden hearts variations...

Little Wooden Heart Balloons!

Little Wooden Heart Hearts!

 Also available are these cute love heart pouches...

 These are made with 100% wool felt and hand stitched with the best embroidery thread.

All items are available on my Etsy shop!

As always I welcome commissions for the perfect Valentine's Day gift... just send me a message or leave a comment!

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Chance Blanket Challenge Month One is Complete!!!

How are you all getting on?

It has been a very busy first month of 2017 for me... with re-launching my Etsy shop. The Village Haberdashery moving to a brand new super shop and lots of lovely commissions being sent my way I have only just managed to find time for knitting my blanket squares.

Finding that quiet 15mins or so a day to knit really does help me to wind down so I have made sure I have kept it up!

31 squares in and my blanket really is growing...

You can really see which colours the dice is favoring at the moment! The Pinks and Feather Grey are very popular. Will almost be time to order some more yarn in a couple of the colours...

Am still really enjoying seeing the progress on all your blankets on Instagram! @littlest_luka and @judithmableson 's blankets are looking super colourful...

Keep Knitting Everyone!!!

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Week One of the Chance Blanket Challenge Complete!!!

Having a moment to knit every day is such a lovely way to unwind and relax. It is amazing how quick my blanket is growing already!

So far I have 7 squares with only one colour repeat. The dice has been lucky.

Am really enjoying seeing everyones progress and it is so exciting that lots of people have shown interest in my challenge.

@judithmarbleson is crocheting her squares and has found a fab way to join them with a border round each...

@dragonicknitter has a really cool diamond shaped pattern. Love these colours so much!

A big thank you to everyone who has joined me on The Chance Blanket Challenge and commented, liked and shared my posts so far!

Happy Stiching Everyone!

Dont forget to share your progress with #thechanceblanketchallenge

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Day One of The Chance Blanket Challenge!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Had a lovely morning starting my new knitting project, The Chance Blanket Challenge!

The Dice landed on number two which means the first square was to be knitted up in colour 875 Feather Grey.

Job number one was to wind up my skein of Cascade 128 yarn...

Then cast on my 14 stitches...

And just keep knitting...!

 Ta da!!! Day One complete!

Am really enjoying seeing all your colour choices on Instagram! Share your progress with #thechanceblanketchallenge

Saturday, 31 December 2016

The Chance Blanket Challenge!

Taking inspiration from the ever-popular Sky Blanket Challenge, this year I am very excited to present 'The Chance Blanket Challenge!'

I loved reading about the Sky Blanket on Laura Lupin’s blog and decide I just had to have a go! Although I didn’t really want to limit my colours to blues and greys, I did still want a bit of randomness to my colour placement.

This dice is a souvenir from the casino at Monte Carlo which I got a few years ago while working on board a cruise ship and it has sat on my chest of drawers at home since. It gave me the idea to add the element of chance by rolling the dice to choose which of my six colours to use each day.

I am using Cascade 128 Superwash yarn for my chance blanket. It knits up nice and chunky and will be machine washable!

I will be using UK size 6mm needles and casting on 14 stitches and knitting 26 rows for each square. Each one will be about 10cm x 10cm.

Would love to hear about anyone joining me on my Knitting Challenge, leave a comment below to say hello!

So to summarize...


Knit a square a day for one whole year to create a blanket in your chosen colour scheme!
Choose 6 colours
Number them 1-6
Roll a dice to decide your daily colour!
Who’s with me?!
Post your progress as often as you like with #thechanceblanketchallenge

Have a Happy New Year and Happy Knitting!

Friday, 4 November 2016

My First Pattern!

Am super proud to announce that I have created my first ever pattern!

When Annie at The Village Haberdashery asked me to create a tutorial for a vintage style apron with a big bow I saw the perfect opportunity to test my pattern making skills.

I had great fun doing lots of doodles to get the perfect bow shape.

The fabric that Annie chose is just fantastic! I mean, who doesn't want an awesome apron with a gingerbread recipe on it!

You can find my tutorial and pattern on The Village Haberdashery Blog here!


A big thanks to Annie for the images!

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Festive Friends Advent Calendar!

Just a quick post to share the recent tutorial I have written for The Village Haberdashery.

Am very proud of this make. It took me ages to complete it but was totally worth it!

Find out how to make your own on The Village Haberdashery Blog!

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Latest Project: Box Cushion and Pillows

One of my most recent projects has been to make a cover for a rather large sofa back-rest cushion for the lovely Erica.

Here it is before…

Because of its shape, a box cushion was going to be the best option.

Picture courtesy of Annie at The Village Haberdashery where you can buy this gorgeous material as well as others from the collection.
The fabric Erica chose is a truly stunning design by Bari J with Art Gallery Fabrics from her Joie de Vivre collection. This print, C’est la Vie in Winter, is printed on 100% cotton canvas and features butterflies, birds and swirling branches. It is a gorgeous design and a lovely fabric to work with.

One of Erica’s requests was that it should be easy to wash so I pre washed the fabric before starting to eliminate any initial shrinkage. It washed really nicely in the machine on a cool delicate setting. Best to press whilst still damp to avoid any persistent creases tho (as with any canvas).

I thought for a while about the best place to put the zip and what type of zip to use. As this cushion was for a back-rest I decided in the bottom panel was going to be best so it wouldn’t be seen. However I couldn’t find a zip long enough! This is when I discovered my new favourite sewing notion… Continuous Zip!!! It was my cousin, who also sews, who mentioned it to me (thanks Sarah!).

Continuous zip is exactly what it sounds like, a continuous piece of zipper tape that you buy per metre and cut to length then thread on the zip pull. Perfect for this project! I found threading on the zip pull a little fiddly at first but with a little help from you tube (!) it was actually quite easy.

During my zips research I also found a nifty new way to add the zip to the zipper panel! have a great video tutorial on how to make a box cushion from scratch, including the padding. Their method of inserting the zip is fab as it ensures everything is nicely lined up and central. It also gives the equations for working out your measurements…bonus! Thanks! Here is the link to their video…

Another great tutorial I found was from The Campervan Converts blog.

Because the cushion was so large the width of the fabric was not long enough to be able to have just one piece for the border as with a standard box cushion. I decided it would be best to have a separate piece for each side of the border (two sizes, one top, and the zipper panel) to avoid any random looking seams. I loved reading The Campervan Converts blog post about how they had learned to sew by making seat covers for their campervan, and I picked up a few extra tips along the way. Check it out here.

I love how there are always lots of different methods to choose from to achieve very similar results. As a sewist you never stop learning!

In terms of finishing the insides of the cover, for this project I overlocked all the raw edges before sewing anything together and double stitched all the seams to make it extra strong.

Erica also picked out some beautiful blue corduroy for some pillow covers to match. The fabric is Cloud 9 Floritopia in Pool designed by Elizabeth Owen. It is 100% organic cotton and has such a lovely feel. I made two envelope back covers trimmed with the Joie de Vivre. The two fabrics complement each other so so well. Excellent eye for colours Erica!

I really loved working on this project as I learned some new techniques and the finished piece turned out even better than expected. I hope Erica is enjoying the new additions to her living room!