Monday, 11 August 2014

Dada London's Hat

Dada London: Actually my cousin's Grandfather and originally from London, hence the name, was a wonderful Gentleman.
When I was little I visited my own Grandparents every Sunday and Nana and Dada London lived close by.
Like lots of little girls I always wanted to make things and do lots of crafts. I had my own arts and crafts box at Nana's house and would 'attempt' to make something new every week. One weekend I decided a hat was the next challenge, with the help of my older cousins. The hat was completed using scraps of red fabric and held together with lots of glue... my first ever 'sewing' project (aged 7).
My cousins suggested that we give our masterpiece to Dada London as a gift. He was absolutely thrilled with it and wore it very proudly for the rest of the day which made us extremely happy, as you can imagine at that age.
Everytime I went to see Dada London after that he would always say, "I still have that hat you made me... do you remember it?"

Am in the process of finding a picture of Dada London with the hat and the hat itself may still be tucked away in Nana London's house somewhere..... on the hunt and will post pics soon :-)

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  1. Ha Ha! Totally remember that day! It was such an amazing creation, that hat! Hope you find a pic - would love to see it again! xxx