Friday, 15 August 2014

'Punk' Hat!!!

School days seem like they were ages ago however I remember making this hat like it was yesterday...

The brief was to make a hat from a selection of patterns based on a chosen theme. It took me ages to decide on a theme but I finally settled on 'Punk' - it was actually Dad's idea :-).
Scrap book page of ideas

It was great fun finding the material and bits and bobs on Carlisle Market and in Fun 2 Do... especially the florescent pink faux fur for the hair. I remember struggling to find a material the correct colour and heavy duty enough to hold the weight of the safety pins, zips and chain. I went for the white cotton canvas and dyed it black using washing machine dye.... very nerve-racking using Mam's washer for this! I was really happy with the slightly uneven colour effect it produced.

I still haven't had an occasion to wear the hat and it has been carefully stored in a hat box since it was completed. Think it's time for that to change...

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