Sunday, 7 September 2014

Spider Web Patchwork Poncho!

Another favorite make from school days here....

Our task was to produce an item for a client to their brief. My client was the head of wardrobe from our local Amateur Dramatics Society who wanted me to produce a costume for a witch in 'The Scottish Pay'.

Inspiration for the design came from many sources revolving around a spider's web. I discovered spider web patchwork in a lovely book called The Quilters Block Bible by Celia Eddy.

Spider Web patchwork block made from paper.

The idea of the poncho came from the shape of the spider's web design and evolved from there.

Final Design page in my project folder.

I really enjoyed making this project and am extremely proud of the quality of finish. Taking inspiration from this make I am now working on making a skirt based on the spider web patchwork design.

Some making pictures... I look so young!!! :-)

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