Sunday, 1 February 2015

Cross Stitch... just like Mam :-)

I have always greatly admired my Mam's immaculate cross stitching. Everything from wedding samplers to cards. Mam taught me to cross stitch when I was very little, my first projects were christmas cards for my grandparents... they still put these up every year amongst my Mam's masterpieces :-). Thank you Mam for teaching me such a rewarding craft. Here are some pics of my recent cross stitch card projects:

The Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz. Pattern by Happy Birthday Nick.

Christmas Cards. Patterns by Mouseloft

For my new baby cousin May. Taken from various pattern books

Nana's birthday card. Based on a cross stitch book pattern

Mouseloft pattern for new baby.

Modified Mouseloft pattern for Dad's birthday

Peter Rabbit from Beatrix Potter collection for Mam's birthday

Mouseloft flowers for Cousin Sarah's birthday

Happy Anniversary to my Dan :-)

Watch this space for all new cross stitch card kits...

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