Tuesday, 17 November 2015

It’s coming to that time of year again folks!

We sewists always give ourselves too much to do at Christmas time what with making all the presents, wrapping them beautifully then there is a house (or in my case flat) to decorate. If you’re like me you want to hand make absolutely everything! Crazy I know!

This year I have had a little extra added pressure as I am not going to be able to make it ‘up north’ to Cumbria for ‘real Christmas’ this year. Instead we are having our family Christmas in November (the best time for me to take time off work). This means my present making deadlines have been very tight… that is presents from me and those that family members have asked me to make for them to give as presents! Have almost done it…. Just one more left to go… must keep knitting!

Am writing this post on the train, my suitcases next to me bulging with pressies! I feel like the female Father Christmas and of course she is travelling first class (I booked early ;-)).

I love knitting on long journeys it passes the time nicely. Very relaxing, even when you can feel people watching you. I will get this last present finished!

Christmas in November for our family is on Thursday and will be opening the handmade gifts. Watch this space for pictures!

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