Sunday, 19 June 2016

Too many projects not enough time!

The phrase, “there are not enough hours in the day,” crops up far too frequently in our house!

I promised myself that I was going to update this blog more frequently… you can tell by the date and content of my last post that I broke that promise! However…! A new leaf I have turned and I am going to have another go!

I am the sort of person who always has too many projects on the go at once. When people ask me “What are you making at the moment?” My answer is, “lots of things at once.”

My started but not yet finished basket is a toppling tower of fabric, pattern pieces and patterns!

But this is how I like to work. I like to do a little bit of a project at a time… it keeps my focus more (I know that sounds a bit contradictory). If I just do one project at a time I find I battle through to the end of it and don’t necessarily complete it to the highest standard. Whereas if I do a bit at a time, I find I really take time on each little bit.

The most recent make I have actually finished is a present for my little cousin’s birthday. All will be revealed after the 23rd!

In progress at the moment is everything from the GrainlineStudios Portside Travel Set (at the sticking the pdf pattern together stage) to a costume for a fancy dress party I’m heading to in August (at the half made but some unpicking and reworking to do stage)!

Next up is a wardrobe staple denim skirt in the On Safari pattern by So Sew Easy via Craftsy in some fab washed stretch denim I picked up at The Cloth House on Berwick Street a couple of weeks ago.

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