Monday, 25 July 2016

Addison Top from Seamwork Magazine

I recently downloaded this top pattern from Seamwork Magazine as my first attempt at a PDF pattern. What drew me to this particular one was that I am in need of some tops to wear at work and this style is perfect with its smart collar and crisp finish. It will look professional enough on its own or with a cardigan.

The download and assembly process was a lot less tricky than I had anticipated and it went together without much fuss. Although it is moments like this when I wish I had a bigger sewing table!

I was sceptical at first about the amount of fabric needed as 3m (approx.) seems a lot for a top, but I can now see why. The pieces are quite large giving the top a lovely ‘drapey’ shape. Also, once you add fabric for the collar and facing pieces (although these could be done in a contrast) that is a lot of yardage required! Perhaps a wider width fabric would be more suitable when shopping for this pattern.

I had planned to make this top from sweet cat print cotton I got for my birthday but didn’t have enough. Perhaps at a later date with a plain back and collar….? What do you think?

Picture and fabric from

The denim flowers print I purchased from Sew Over It a while ago was originally destined to be a Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt but I am glad I chose this from my stash for my first Addison instead. The fabric drape is perfect for this shape and the interfaced collar came out lovely.

Work in progress

All the Seamwork patterns claim to be able to be completed in 3 hours or less. I have to say it did take me a few hours longer than this but I did still finish in one day. A few of the techniques were new to me which may have slowed me down a little. The pattern explains the Burrito Method of inserting the facings very well and it only took a little bit of umming and ahhing to get it right!

Attaching the facing

I did have more trouble with the collar however. The Seamwork tutorial for getting perfect points was an extremely beneficial read before starting this section however I struggled when it came to attaching the facing to this and getting the points to line up at the front. It seemed to be overlapping too much. After a bit of action with the unpicker and a very strong mug of tea I managed to get it sorted! The front facing is not sitting 100% perfectly but you can’t tell once it’s being worn so I don’t mind this too much.

Ta Da!!!

Hopefully the next time I make this pattern I will accomplish it within the three hours!

In terms of size I cut between 10 and 12. The top did come out way too large at the side seams so I have taken it in and made a note to amend this on the pattern for next time. I wouldn’t want it to be any tighter under the arms however so am glad I cut the size I did.

Big thanks to for the outdoor photoshoot!

Overall I am extremely happy with how this make has turned out and I am looking forward to wearing it for work tomorrow!

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