Saturday, 31 December 2016

The Chance Blanket Challenge!

Taking inspiration from the ever-popular Sky Blanket Challenge, this year I am very excited to present 'The Chance Blanket Challenge!'

I loved reading about the Sky Blanket on Laura Lupin’s blog and decide I just had to have a go! Although I didn’t really want to limit my colours to blues and greys, I did still want a bit of randomness to my colour placement.

This dice is a souvenir from the casino at Monte Carlo which I got a few years ago while working on board a cruise ship and it has sat on my chest of drawers at home since. It gave me the idea to add the element of chance by rolling the dice to choose which of my six colours to use each day.

I am using Cascade 128 Superwash yarn for my chance blanket. It knits up nice and chunky and will be machine washable!

I will be using UK size 6mm needles and casting on 14 stitches and knitting 26 rows for each square. Each one will be about 10cm x 10cm.

Would love to hear about anyone joining me on my Knitting Challenge, leave a comment below to say hello!

So to summarize...


Knit a square a day for one whole year to create a blanket in your chosen colour scheme!
Choose 6 colours
Number them 1-6
Roll a dice to decide your daily colour!
Who’s with me?!
Post your progress as often as you like with #thechanceblanketchallenge

Have a Happy New Year and Happy Knitting!