Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Chance Blanket Challenge Month One is Complete!!!

How are you all getting on?

It has been a very busy first month of 2017 for me... with re-launching my Etsy shop. The Village Haberdashery moving to a brand new super shop and lots of lovely commissions being sent my way I have only just managed to find time for knitting my blanket squares.

Finding that quiet 15mins or so a day to knit really does help me to wind down so I have made sure I have kept it up!

31 squares in and my blanket really is growing...

You can really see which colours the dice is favoring at the moment! The Pinks and Feather Grey are very popular. Will almost be time to order some more yarn in a couple of the colours...

Am still really enjoying seeing the progress on all your blankets on Instagram! @littlest_luka and @judithmableson 's blankets are looking super colourful...

Keep Knitting Everyone!!!

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Week One of the Chance Blanket Challenge Complete!!!

Having a moment to knit every day is such a lovely way to unwind and relax. It is amazing how quick my blanket is growing already!

So far I have 7 squares with only one colour repeat. The dice has been lucky.

Am really enjoying seeing everyones progress and it is so exciting that lots of people have shown interest in my challenge.

@judithmarbleson is crocheting her squares and has found a fab way to join them with a border round each...

@dragonicknitter has a really cool diamond shaped pattern. Love these colours so much!

A big thank you to everyone who has joined me on The Chance Blanket Challenge and commented, liked and shared my posts so far!

Happy Stiching Everyone!

Dont forget to share your progress with #thechanceblanketchallenge

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Day One of The Chance Blanket Challenge!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Had a lovely morning starting my new knitting project, The Chance Blanket Challenge!

The Dice landed on number two which means the first square was to be knitted up in colour 875 Feather Grey.

Job number one was to wind up my skein of Cascade 128 yarn...

Then cast on my 14 stitches...

And just keep knitting...!

 Ta da!!! Day One complete!

Am really enjoying seeing all your colour choices on Instagram! Share your progress with #thechanceblanketchallenge